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And Go Even Further In Your Business

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Ready to get unstuck? 

Tired of feeling buried, overwhelmed, and behind? At Engage Virtual Solutions, we get it, and we're here to take the load off and give you a boost so that you can meet your goals faster.

Reduce Your Workload

Replace stress with productivity! Let us take the burden of completing the necessary tasks that take so much of your time so you can be free to focus on what matters most. Unlock a new level of efficiency with a team who cares. 

Reach the Finish Line

Let us be the driving force behind your most important projects! We'll take them from initial ideas to completion, helping eliminate roadblocks & finding creative solutions along the way. Bring your vision to life with a team that knows how to get things done.

Realize Greater Success

Get expert advice in building systems, processes & teams that will grow with you. We'll help you identify the opportunities in your business & support you in determining the best ways to move forward so that you can meet your goals faster.

Hey There!

I'm Heather Logan,
Founder of Engage Virtual Solutions

I'm so excited to find you here in our little corner of the internet and can't wait to meet you! I started 

Engage Virtual Solutions to support busy entrepreneurs like you seeking to maximize their impact & go further in their businesses. Get ready to accomplish more together!


A Virtual Team That Will Treat Your Business Like Its Own

Engage Virtual Solutions isn't about ticking things off as done, it's about providing you with quality work that helps your business grow. It's not delegating to a team with no understanding of your core values, it's putting your trust in a team that knows you, cares about you and is invested in your success. It's not about getting things off your plate and stressing about whether it's being done correctly, it's about accountability and having a team you know will go the extra mile. It's not about invoices, it's about building a valuable relationship of mutual respect. We look forward to connecting with you and seeing how we can help your business go further.

How We Can Help


Virtual Assistant Solutions

The ultimate done-for-you service to provide the day-to-day support you need to get to where you want to be faster. Imagine the delegating you can start today!


Project Solutions

Sometimes you just need to get something done. We'll take your project from start to finish ensuring the quality completion of its deliverables by the agreed-upon deadline!


ClickUp Solutions

 Need an expert to guide you through using the app to replace them all?! We've got you covered. From Onboarding to Consulting & Training we're ready to level you up with ClickUp. 

“You’ve really helped free up my time to work on growing my business! You’re great at taking on projects as your own and getting them done quickly. It’s great how you have taken so many things off my plate and I don’t have to worry about them getting done correctly. All of your work product is top quality."

Ann Pearson

Course Creator

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